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The Power of Prayer

God created us to live in harmony with one another, to care for each other and to pray for each other.  With confidence in our God who loves us, knows our hearts, and hears our prayers, let us join our voices with those everywhere who are praying today.




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For privacy, enter only the first name or a nickname for your friend or loved one, and keep all information general. God will know who we are praying for.




Wednesday, October 29, 2014
Pray for: Court 10/31/2014
I ask Good Shepherd Parish to please pray that my Court pertinent to Landlord/Tenant issues that took place in San Diego; which left me homeless, and as to how I ended in Sacramento, prevails in GODS name; and that justice be served as I lost financially, my connection with GOD losing hope, but still have my faith in GOD, always. That the Judge who is handling the case sees that what happened to me was done by these people to hurt me; and after waiting for 3 months, my day in Court is 10/31/2014 over the phone.
Blanco Blaunko


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