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Good Shepherd Parish Council/Board of Directors



Good Shepherd Independent Catholic Church is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation with legal responsibilities as directed in our Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws. 

The Parish Council and Board of Directors are one in the same and serve the Parish by providing guidance, decision-making, and oversight of all the administrative, financial, and legal affairs of the Parish as outlined in our incorporating documents.  The duties of the Council officers and members are outlined below.  More details are laid out in our Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.



The Parish Council Chair is the Chief Executive Officer of the Parish.  He/She oversees the Council members/Directors, and is responsible for all the administrative, financial, and legal affairs of the Parish.  It is the Chair’s responsibility to enter into contracts, ensure all our bills are paid, and that we meet all our corporate responsibilities, as directed in our Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.

In addition, the Chair sets the monthly Parish Council agenda and moderates the Parish Council meeting and is available to members of the Board or Parish with proposed agenda items, and to discuss concerns or question about the administration, financial, or legal aspects of our Parish.


The Parish Council Vice-Chair shares in the duties and responsibilities of the Chair and acts in her/his absence. 


The Parish Council Treasurer is responsible for the management of all Parish finances and financial reporting:  manages our bank accounts, pays our bills, reimburses as needed, prepares financial reports, drafts the annual Parish budget, and is responsible for tracking contributions and preparing end-of-year contribution statement.  The Treasurer is available for financial questions, copies of financial reports, or to discuss a proposed purchase or reimbursement.


The Parish Council Secretary is responsible for taking and distributing the minutes of the Parish Council meetings, ensuring our corporate records are correct and maintained as directed in our bylaws.  The Secretary is available for copies of the minutes and to answer questions on their content.

Members At Large

The Parish Council Members At Large are responsible for participating in the Parish Council meetings and in the decision making for the Parish.  They take on various projects as directed by the Chair or the Council.  As with all the members of the Council, they are available to discuss your ideas, questions, and concerns for the Parish. 


The Pastor’s primary responsibility is to bring a pastoral view to the Council. 

Although the pastor is a voting member of the Council and participates in the Councils discussions and decisions, she/he is not an elected member of the Council, nor eligible to hold an office, but sits on the Council as Pastor of the Parish.  

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